time to recharge?

The first signs of a device running low on battery is loss of productivity, right? What do you do? You plug it in and keep going. What about your employees? What can you do when enthusiasm and productivity start decreasing?
We have three words for you:

Chair Massage Therapy

on site chair massage

Regain that new employee enthusiasm

RESET is more than a chair massage; RESET is an immersive experience that takes a unique and highly effective approach to corporate employee self-care. Restore that positive energy that seems to surround new employees, when everything is exciting and fresh. This is something they will look forward to.

full battery

Revive the energy needed to tackle daily work

RESET: On Site Massage Therapy is committed to helping you provide your employees with something that benefits them instantly and in turn will benefit your business. Getting started is easy, simply hit the RESET button! Fill out the short form and we'll set up an onsite meeting or phone call and finalize the schedule. This is an affordable perk that, trust us, your employees will love!  In fact, we offer a recurring schedule, to keep your people charged up every month!